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Pyrmont Seafood suppliers enjoy the benefits of good prices, reliable payments and capacity to supply volume. 

If you are a fisherman, aquaculture farmer or processor of seafood products and if you are looking to have your produce marketed and distributed throughout Sydney and NSW please contact us

Pyrmont Seafoods is a specialist seafood wholesaler having a great reputation of bringing seafood from the source to the customer. Connecting the buyers to the product in the shortest distribution chain allows us to consistently achieve above market prices for quality seafood's. Having a significant customer base lets us handle volumes of fresh products without depressing prices. 

Pyrmont Seafoods has a disciplined and well structured accounts department that ensures your trading terms and payments are delivered on time and in accordance with supplier agreements. We build relationships on reliable and solid trading terms so that you can concentrate on catch and production.

Why Pyrmont Seafood is the answer for your product (FAQ)

Here are some key points that may help you see the benefits of Pyrmont Seafoods.

1. Freight and transport

Answer Pyrmont Seafoods can organize freight and transport to have your product land into our depot with the least amount of fuss    

2. Payment Terms

Answer Pyrmont Seafoods have a reputation based on its payment terms once terms are agreed that is when you will be paid. Terms are based on the product, volume and relationship and are determined before supply. For example a fresh catch direct from the vessel have generally  terms of seven days where as frozen product may have trading terms of 30 days.      

3. Where do we distribute

Answer We primarily Wholesale products into Sydney and NSW. We also have strong connections in other states so that we can handle significant volumes without placing pressure on your prices.   

4. Who do we sell to

Answer Pyrmont Seafoods primarily wholesales to supermarket and the service industries including hotels, airlines and restaurants.  

Read what our Suppliers and buyers have to say 

Don't just hear it from us but read what our suppliers have to say about Pyrmont Seafoods.

Peter Bender....... Huon Aquaculture

"Like our company, Huon Aquaculture Company, Pyrmont Seafoods is a privately owned company and as such I know who I am dealing with. The strong customer and distribution network of Pyrmont Seafoods has helped us to get our premium Tasmanian Salmon on to the plates of Sydney's best restaurants and hotels. A key to Tony Muollo's success comes from building long term relationships that can be relied upon. "

Peter Bender....... Huon Aquaculture

Peter Feuerstein............ International food technologist & consultant

"As part of restructuring the catering services for a leading international airline I had to be certain that selected suppliers met the hygiene and quality control standards that where demanded, both HACCP and ISO certification gives us the assurance we need. Pyrmont Seafoods not only has these certifications it gets it seafood direct from the source including their own boats and from the farm gate, this means a shorter supply chain and that equals fresher product and more competitive pricing. For these reasons Pyrmont Seafoods is a preferred supplier and one I can recommend. "

Peter Feuerstein............ International food technologist & consultant

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