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Available year-round from sustainable managed fisheries

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Australian Product and New Zealand


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Fresh Fillets 

Blue Eye Trevalla ("Blue Eye Cod", "Blue Nose","Trevalla")

Firm white flesh fillet sold skin on or skin off and suited to steaking. It is fished primarily by line and supplied locally and freshly  flown in from New Zealand   Order here> 


This is one of the species that is caught by our own vessels so consistent high quality and freshness is assured coming from the the catcher direct to you. Order here>  

Framed Atlantic Salmon.

An Australian favourite delivered from the cold waters of Tasmania where it is harvested most of the year and delivered fresh to you either as cutlets or fillets.  Order here>  

Farmed or wild caught Barramundi.

Daily flights deliver direct to us fresh caught and harvested Barramundi from our suppliers in the northern territory  Order here>  

Fish Recipes.

You have a mirrid of options when it comes to cooking fresh fish fillets. Whether it is to fry, grill, bake or broil it can be complement with a rich french sauce or simply with a squeeze of lemon the options are endless.

However the texture and type of fillet does mean that you should match the fillet to the recipe and so we recommend that you explore the recipes from